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       Armed Security Division:
  •            Personal Protection Details.
  •            High Value Armed Asset Escort and Protection Service.
  •            Armed Security for Corporate and Private Social Events.
  • Training and Education Division:
    • Staff Response to an Armed Active Assailant.
      Institutional and Residential Security Consulting.

Security Services Offered 

Staff Response to an Active Armed Assailant:

   Our company specializes in consulting and training your staff and faculty to be prepared in the event and armed assailant enters your workplace. although rare, these incidents are steadily on the rise. Now more than ever being informed and prepared will greatly increase their ability to sustain and survive a critical incident such as this.

We currently offer this training presentation to K-12 and higher education, local government, manufacturing industry, hospitality industry, retail industry, and health care industry.

We also serve civic and community organizations, church congregations, and other groups that have individuals that want this type of training to be prepared when they go to their workplaces. Convenient evening and weekend hours are available.

Our minimum group is 50 persons, local groups can combine to meet that minimum. We can train up to a suggested maximum off 120 per session. Each session runs approximately 2.5 hours.

Pricing is based on a sliding per person scale. The more attending, the lower per person price can be offered. We will strive to meet almost any budget concerns.

If your location is 125 miles or more from our home base, a fuel sur-charge is added at 10% of you total fee. NOTE: We use MapQuest to calculate all mileage.

The only client provided equipment needed is a podium or small table, and a public address system for large venues.

We will need the presentation location street address for GPS locator purposes.

No audio, video, or still photography of the presentation is permitted unless prior permission is negotiated.

Thank You, and we look forward to training your staff and faculty.              

Personal Security Solutions LLC Armed Personal Protection Details:

We offer personal security details for a variety of client needs; including daily travel to office or out of office activities, family events, wine tours, ski resorts and shore destinations. Our four wheel drive luxury sport utility vehicles offer all season safety and comfort. Our personal security agents are former law enforcement/military professionals who are highly trained and experienced operators. All served in elite units within in their branch of service. Our agents are licensed and certified as security professionals, including Adult & Child CPR and AED. Do you need a certified EMT/Paramedic? We offer this service as well.

We also offer armed, discrete client asset protection and delivery. This service includes financial instruments, jewelry, high end fashion and other asset valuables.

Let Personal Security Solutions, LLC take care of your security needs in an unsafe world.