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Active Armed Assailant Training 

“...It will take citizens up the path from sheep to sheep dogs taking responsibility for their safety and the saftey of others.  Never doubt the world needs what you have to give ”

- Lt Col. Dave Grossman, Founder Killology Research Group

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Staff Response to Active Armed Assailants .

Our presentation is catered to the staff and faculties of any establishment vulnerable to being involved with an Active Armed Assailant. In those first few critical minutes when the Armed Assailant enters your workplace or other venue you may be in, your life, and the lives of your colleagues, family and friends depend on how you will react. We take the audience through fact based scenarios on how to safely exit the area if you are able, what you should do to help incoming law enforcement and other first responders. We then move the audience closer to the epicenter of the Armed Assailant and how to “shelter in” and effectively hide, sustain, and survive. Lastly we focus on those critical moments that define survival versus the alternative. Our training will provide you with the correct mindset and our education will help you to react, fight and survive. Through real life experience and a common sense approach, we will educate the people who are most affected and first on the scene: yourself, your staff and faculty. One moment they are working and going on with their lives and the next their lives can be turned upside down or worse. We can prepare you and them with the tools that can help should you find yourselves in that critical moment of the epicenter of the Armed Assailant.

Jeff Aster

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